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A no deal Brexit means if you are trading or delivering a service with or to EU member states or countries that have trade agreements with the EU i.e. Turkey, South Korea, Canada, South Africa and more, you will have to take action NOW. To be able to export and import manufactured goods and components you will need to carefully assess your supply chain to ensure continuity. 

If you are delivering services or sending your employees for short business trips please review. 


Take these necessary steps to prepare for exporting and importing post Brexit.

  • If you’re making declarations yourself, you’ll have to get software to use the Customs Handling of Import and Export Freight system.
  • You may need to buy specialist software to use simplified procedures.
  • If you already have authorisations to use special or simplified procedures check if they still apply.
  • Make sure your contracts and International Terms and Conditions of Service show you are now an importer.
  • Do you currently export to countries covered by EU Free Trade Agreements or any other trade agreements, and if so have you identified any loss of market access that may result after a no deal Brexit?
  • Do you produce a product that requires Product Safety Labelling and/or requires the use of a Notified Body for conformity assessment reasons? Are your goods already on the market in either the UK or EU and issues check if these apply to you.
  • REACH – check what will be required from businesses in case of no deal here.


UK Nationals in the EU

  • UK nationals will cease to be citizens of the EU and lose their free movement rights, unless they have another right to settlement in an EU member state or are a dual national – more here.
  • In the event of a no deal, settlement for UK nationals becomes a member state competence so each country will have their own system. UK nationals will need to comply with the specific rules of the individual member state where they reside.
  • The EU has provided detailed guidance on the separate settlement scheme available for UK nationals living in the EU – please click here.
  • UK nationals will also lose their right to onward movement within the EU which is also worth noting.

EU Nationals in the UK

Business Trips and Services 


Each EU member state will have differing rules which UK businesses will need to comply with. These can cover the establishment of a new company, the recognition of professional qualifications, data protection and the requirement for an EU based representative.

UK based businesses will not automatically have a right to provide services in the EU single market.

Contact our Brexit hotline on 0808 168 584 or email us [email protected]

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