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Introduction to Exporting

The course covers all the key areas that a new exporter needs to know. It gives an overview of country of origin, Incoterms and what you need to keep as proof of export for potential audits. It explains any cost implications so delegates understand why costs are applied to certain documents and processes, and how to potentially allocate these costs to maintain profit.

  • Course Content
  • Explanation of what an export is – pre BREXIT and what could be post BREXIT


    Overview of dispatches and acquisitions


    The role of Customer Services in International Trade

    • Dealing with different cultures

    • Key aspects of good international customer service


      The export process – overview of how the process works and information requirements from exporters


      Country of Origin


      Tariff Codes - HS / CN / TARIC - Overview


      Overview of documents and why we have them and proof of export

      • Commercial Invoice - content and example

      • Packing List - content and example

      • Airway Bill - content and example

      • Bill of Lading - content and example

      • CMR notes - content and example


      Exporter Responsibilities


      Export Packing / Volume Calculations - Activity

      • FCL v LCL for competitiveness

      • Explanation of volume v weight for shipping


      Incoterms – A review of each term, their application and issues to be aware of

      • Using Incoterms as Incentives


      Trade Agreements - Preferential/Free – A description of the different types of trade
      agreements currently in place.

      • Overview of Preference documents

      • Overview of Non-preferential documents


    • Pre-requisites
    • There are no pre-requisites for this course.
    • Assessement
    • No assessment. Courses are accredited by the Institute of Export and International Trade and certificates of attendance will be issued.
    • More details
    • Who should attend?

      This course is most suitable for new exporters or people working in export who have never had formal training.