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Managing ill health, tackling absence, promoting wellbeing

How to effectively manage employees with physical or mental health conditions, minimise the legal risks of tackling sickness absence and promote employee wellbeing.

The management of employees with ill health is one of HR’s biggest challenges.  Drawing on our collective legal, HR and occupational health expertise, this seminar will provide clear, practical guidance on managing employee ill health.

We will also look at ways to promote employee wellbeing and consider how wellbeing strategies can benefit both employee and employer, both in terms of assisting employees with existing health issues and helping to prevent problems from arising in the first place. 

Through case studies, you will learn how effective management of absence and health issues can go hand in hand with a positive employee wellbeing programme.  We will provide straightforward, easy to implement strategies to help you handle employee ill health issues in your workplace, taking into account your legal obligations, the needs of your business, the sensitivities involved in managing employee health issues and employee wellbeing. 

Find the answer to these common questions, and more:

  • How can an effective wellbeing programme help you manage employee ill health?
  • When should you make adjustments for employees with physical or mental health issues and what adjustments are reasonable?
  • What is the best way to tackle absence where an employee always seem to be calling in sick?
  • How should you handle long-term sickness absence and what is the best way to prevent it from becoming prolonged?
  • How should you manage employees who suffer from stress or depression?
  • When should you get a medical report, how can you ensure you get the right questions answered and what should you do if the employee refuses consent?  
  • What are the ‘Dos and ‘Don’ts of pay during reduced hours or phased returns, sick pay and PHI?
  • How can you keep things moving when an employee calls in sick during a disciplinary process?
  • Must you make allowances where poor performance or difficult behaviour relates to a mental health condition?
  • When is the right time to dismiss an employee who is off sick? And what are the legal risks? 
  • Does your attendance management policy need a revamp? 

Delegates will take away a set of high quality, up-to-date tools and checklists to help them implement strategies covered in the seminar.

This seminar is suitable for HR professionals and others who manage employees with health conditions, as well as those who are involved in employee wellbeing programmes.