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Energy Management

Our energy services help you use energy more efficiently, eliminate waste and reduce your bills. This service will reduce your usage with onsite low carbon technology and energy generation.

Measure by the minute

Our energy management services help you to:

  • get detailed reports on your energy usage
  • manage consumption
  • set targets on reducing your output
  • get accurate and frequent meter readings through smart metering — so you know exactly how much energy is being used, pinpoint times of high usage and eliminate waste
  • manage consumption through our energy health check services — we’ll help you manage your requirements from a legislative, political and commercial perspective
  • evaluate short-term, low and no cost options as well as a range of medium and long-term actions with an outlook on the return on investment

Manage and reduce

Our energy management services will help you deal with changing energy prices and increasing legislative pressure.
We’ll work with you to design an energy strategy that will help you control carbon emissions, minimise risk, reduce costs and enhance your corporate reputation.

We’ll provide:

  • carbon and energy management services — advice on energy management including in-depth plant and equipment studies
  • energy mapping — track the energy consumed and lost
  • a Kaizen energy review that will challenge your current processes, practices and operating parameters

We’ll make sure you’re compliant with all the relevant legislation including:

  • carbon footprinting — quantifying and reporting on organisational carbon footprint, developing and implementing best practice carbon foot printing processes.
  • the Carbon Reduction Commitment

Low carbon technology solutions

We offer low carbon solutions, helping you introduce on-site energy generation with combined heat and power (CHP), including heat pumps and biogas.

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