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Attract & retain talent

Howden can support your aspirations for a healthy and productive workforce with a customised employee benefits and wellbeing plan. 
Many business leaders we speak to ask how they can look after their employees in a way that is commercially viable.

In the manufacturing sector there is tough competition for skilled workers and a greater need to retain them. But there is also a heightened risk of work related injuries and illnesses which can impact business negatively.

With the help of Howden, it’s possible to design and implement an effective benefits programme that not only provides value for money, but also helps optimise employee performance and better manage your people-related risks.

We work with you to design a benefits package built around your business, employees and budget that can:

  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Help employees reintegrate after sickness
  • Address work-related illness
  • Track and review the impact and return on investment
  • Improve benefits engagement
  • Identify mental health concerns and help you provide cost-effective support

What we do for you:

  • Carefully consider what’s right for your business, your people and your budget
  • Research the market, dig into the detail and deliver what you need, when and how you need it 
  • Help you avoid expensive mistakes 
  • Closely align the benefits with your company culture and recruitment and retention efforts 
  • Guide you through legislative and regulatory complexities
  • Think beyond the usual solutions, focussed on your desired outcomes
  • Communicate with your employees and help you bring your benefits to life
  • Provide you with market-leading technology, so you’re in control of the data
  • Make things run smoothly – reducing your workload wherever we can.