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We all want to improve our workplace and team efficiency. However, sometimes the hardest part isn’t creating productivity initiatives, but sustaining them. That’s part of the value of the Lean continuous improvement process. Managers are given the tools and strategy for implementing growth that self sustains.

In consulting with businesses and managers on continuous improvement, these five tips are particularly helpful in inspiring your team:

Make connections

Change is important, but only if it helps achieve big picture goals. In planning your business growth initiatives, make sure you can clearly articulate how these activities will meet business challenges. Then, make the connections clear for your staff, so they see the value in new processes and plans.

Keep it fresh

It isn’t enough to inspire your team once a year. Embedding new processes requires inputting milestones and activities into agendas, operations, and daily work tasks. This ensures continuous improvement stays in the forefront of everyone’s minds, driving business performance and growth.


Empower employees

The continuous improvement conversation isn’t one-way. Employees should feel it is a collaborative process where they can contribute their own suggestions. Ultimately, staff are your experts in how the business functions and will be vital to ensuring business growth, so don’t go without their insight.

Mentor others

The more your team knows about Lean and continuous improvement concepts, the more effective and durable your programme will be over time. Implementing a strategic training programme to teach tools and techniques will make a big difference.

Reward and recognise

Recognition is a huge (and often free) motivator for employees. Showcase those who have stepped forward and developed improvements that benefit the business. A well-conceived and communicated way to measure results helps employees know what they’re working towards. Communicating successes to your team will help inspire future growth.


EEF offers continuous improvement and Lean business growth consulting for businesses of all sizes. Check out our Lean and productivity training courses to help you develop your Lean journey and improve your business processes.

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