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What is your job like? What’s a typical day like? What kind of projects are you working on at the moment?

Sevcon designs and manufactures controllers for electric and hybrid vehicles. I am currently the account manager of multimillion-pound accounts for the business and also responsible for opening opportunities in new markets. My work involves frequent travelling in the UK, Europe and Asia supporting and building relationships with our current and new customers.

My typical day involves building relationships with our OEM customers by understanding their needs and making sure we are providing a suitable technical and commercial solution. My background in engineering allows me to do so effectively as being accustomed with the technical side greatly helps in the job.

I work with customers developing electric and hybrid vehicles, including large car manufacturers that are moving now into clean technologies.

How did you get into manufacturing? How did your career evolve? What interested you about this sector?

My parents instilled in me the passion about engineering and manufacturing. I remember working during the summer in my parents’ engineering manufacture business. It was then when I decided that engineering was the career I wanted to pursue. I graduated as Mechatronics Engineer in Colombia and wanting to study abroad I came to the UK. I finalised a Masters in Automation and Control at Newcastle and since I’ve been working at Sevcon. I was happy to start my career in an industry that develops engineering solutions used in clean technologies such as electrics cars.

I started working as an applications engineer and after finishing my second Masters in business I am now sales engineer and business development for Sevcon.

What do you enjoy about working in manufacturing?

The industry that I work for is really exciting, every customer need is different and we are required to develop engineering solutions that satisfies those needs. It is great to see how a project gets materialised from design until manufacturing. 

It is also great to work for an industry that makes a difference on what they do. Sevcon and its high skilled engineering offers solutions that are innovative and makes a difference to the world, developing cutting edge technology used in electric cars.


What challenges have you faced in your career (related to being a woman or otherwise)?

Engineering and manufacturing are male dominated fields, it is sometimes difficult to deal with stereotypes about women and our capabilities. I realised how easy is to overcome with this by knowing your field well and being confident on what you do.  


What advice would you give to a woman thinking of getting into manufacturing?

Get inspired by other successful women in the field you want to get into. You will be surprised how many successful inspiring women are out there in the field. If you can, get mentorship from these women. 

Manufacturing and engineering are exciting areas, do not underestimate the advantages of working for manufacturing.