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The Make UK Technology Hub, located in Aston, Birmingham, is a development and training centre for apprentices and professionals in manufacturing and engineering. The hub is currently being expanded and will double its size, offering more training options, new equipment and courses.
Here’s all you need to know about the Tech Hub.


When was the Tech Hub built?

The Make UK Technology Hub was built during the summer of 2016 and opened its doors in September 2016 for the first intake of apprentices into the new building. The building was officially opened in March 2017 by HRH The Princess Royal. 



Why was it built?

The building was needed due to the high demand for both apprentice and technical training for manufacturing organisations. The apprenticeship intake numbers have grown year on year since 2014 and we are expecting an intake of 400 new apprentices to start in September 2017.

How much did it cost?

Make UK has invested over £11m in the development of the two Make UK Technology Training Centres in Aston since 2014. 



How big is it?

The hub is currently 45,000 square feet with an additional 30,000 square feet being added in the expansion, which is expected to be completed in September 2017.  



How many classrooms does the hub have?

The centre has over 10 classrooms including a Lean academy, CAD room and an open IT area for students. 


What machines and equipment does it have?

The Hub offers a state of the art tool room, CNC machines, a state of the art robotic cells, an automated factory and fully equipped electrical bays.



How many people work and study there?

In total in both Make UK Aston sites we have circa 100 staff and in any given week we have over 400 apprentices through the doors. In addition there are around 30 people completing technical training upskilling programmes. 



What kinds of courses or services does the hub provide? 

The Hub provides state of the art training facilities for those apprentices completing maintenance, mechatronics and design apprenticeships to name but a few. 
For upskilling we offer a whole range of technical programmes:

 View our technical training courses


When will the Technology Hub finish its expansion?

The expansion of the next phase has begun and will be fully operational in September 2017, almost doubling the size of the Hub.


Interested in hiring out the Hub or finding out more?

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