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11 November 2019

UK Steel’s 2019 Manifesto sets out the significant benefits and opportunities available to the UK through a dynamic and sustainable steel industry. UK steel producers stand ready to invest and innovate to deliver these, but we cannot do it alone. The next government must provide the right foundations to enable this and allow the UK’s steel sector to thrive and prosper.

Above it, it is imperative that the new government provides the country with a swift resolution to Brexit, securing a pragmatic and workable trading relationship with the EU, delivering tariff free and frictionless trade that will allow industry to get back to business and delivering for the UK economy. But is it vital that the new government sets its sights higher than just delivering on Brexit. The ambition must be much greater, using all the tools at our disposal to deliver the most competitive manufacturing business environment possible and ensuring we are best placed to compete in and capture global markets in the months and years ahead. Quite simply, any incoming government must strive to make the UK the best place in the world for to invest, to innovate and manufacture products.

Steel producers stand ready to invest and innovate – all we require is a partner in government that shares our vision for the future, and can help deliver the right foundations for success.

In summary the core actions we are now calling for are:

  • Secure tariff free access to major markets for UK steel exports
  • Deliver competitive electricity prices for UK steel producers in line with those borne by our EU competitors
  • Incentivise investment via business rates re-structuring, including the removal of plant and machinery from valuations
  • Maximise the economic value to the UK of its public infrastructure investment, by taking a strategic approach to public procurement of steel
  • Boost UK steel R&D by using the £225 million in returned industry levies from the EU Research Fund for Coal and Steel
  • Work with industry to develop a more competitive climate change and carbon pricing policy

Download the full UK Steel Manifesto 2019: