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Webinar: How to thrive in times of change

This free to attend webinar has been designed to provide HR professionals with tips from our HR consultancy and legal experts on managing change in the workplace.  Currently, there are many drivers for change such as Brexit, workforce demographics, economic forecasts, statutory and case law developments. We explore the key strategy points HR need to consider when embarking on a change process whether that involves changing terms and conditions, a redundancy programme and/or employee consultation.

This Webinar has now concluded, an on-demand recording can be found below:

  • About event
  • These days change is inevitable in any organisation. Maintaining a productive workforce in times of change can be a challenge for many businesses and for HR teams managing the change process.

    From a ‘big picture’ perspective, what is the best way to approach change?

    What are the factors you need to consider to help you determine the changes that need to be made?

    If change triggers redundancies, how should you prepare for the implementation process?

    If employee consultation is required – and it usually will be regardless of the change process being undertaken – what are the pitfalls to be avoided?

    How can you continue to keep your employees engaged through periods of change?

    Hear top tips from our HR and Legal experts on preparing for and handling change within the current legal framework, keeping employees engaged and achieving the best possible outcome for your business. 

  • Why attend?
  • Register for this webinar to;

    Understand key drivers for organisational change in 2019
    Learn about the different factors to weigh up when considering your options for change 
    Gain expert tips on preparing for and managing change, whether it involves changing terms and conditions, redundancy or restructuring the workforce 
    Recognise the pitfalls that can arise whenever consultation is required to enable change
    Hear our experts give their thoughts on how to keep employees engaged throughout a programme of change
  • Who should attend?
    • HR Managers,
    • HR Directors,
    • Head of HR,
    • HR Business Partners,
    • HR Officers,
    • HR Adviser,
    • Those in Operational and Finance roles may also find this webinar of interest
  • More details
  • 18th of September,


    approx. 40 minutes duration including Q&A