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Make UK in partnership with Rockwell Automation: Leadership Summit Online Series – Resetting UK manufacturing

Make UK and Rockwell Automation are partnering to deliver an online Leadership Summit – Resetting UK Manufacturing. The summit includes a series of thought leadership essays and webinars, with a focus on Industrial Strategy, Digitalisation, and Globalisation, and will include high profile speakers from Government and Industry, moderated by noted journalists from national and trade media.

  • About event 
  • Make UK in partnership with Rockwell Automation: Leadership Summit – Resetting UK Manufacturing. 

    (Webinar 1 of 3 in the series)

    September 30th:  Industrial Strategy and a post Covid economy

    Industry at home and overseas has faced a profound shock with business models and supply chains turned upside down. Key strategic sectors such as aerospace and automotive have experienced massive downturns which may take years to recover while the climate crisis is still arguably the world’s most pressing issue and the manufacturing sector has a big role to play in addressing its long term impact. 

    By joining this webinar, attendees can expect to gain an economic view on the manufacturing industry now and in the years to come, which sectors can thrive, how companies can adapt, and whether Government should take a more activist role than it has in the past.

  • Why attend?
  • The global pandemic has produced unprecedented uncertainty for an economy and industry already facing immense technological change. This webinar will provide attendees with the opportunity to hear from senior leaders in their fields on topics including the following:

    • How the UK economy will emerge and recover a growth trajectory?
    • What industry sectors will prosper in the new economy and how should industrial strategy support them?
    • What approach should Government take and will these mean a more activist approach than in the past?
  • Who should attend?
  • Senior, 
    decision makers
    all sectors, especially auto, aero, food and drink

  • More details 
  • Speakers

    Chair – Dan Thomas, Business Editor Financial Times 
    Stephen Phipson, CBE, Make UK CEO
    Phil Hadfield, Country Director, UK, Rockwell Automotive
    Thierry Malleret, Economist and Founder, Monthly Barometer
    Juergen Maier, Chair, Made Smarter (confirmed)
    Ruth Nic Aoidh, Executive Director, Commercial & Legal, McLaren Automotive 
    Rina Ladva, UK Manufacturing Energy & Resource Sector Lead, Microsoft