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Redundancies: Top tips to tackle the trickiest issues (or, ideally, avoid them altogether)

A redundancy situation is tough for all involved and the pressure is on for HR to make sure the process runs smoothly, fairly and with dignity. In this seminar, we unpick some of the most difficult issues that can arise and provide our top tips to tackle them, as well as considering possible ways in which redundancies might be avoided.

Book your place and receive:

A confidential, one-to-one consultation with a Make UK redundancy expert to discuss specific questions on difficult issues you're facing or want to avoid (to be arranged at a time that is convenient for you).

A training pack for line managers providing basic guidance on handling redundancies with dignity, minimising legal risks and keeping the process on track.

A practical guide on measures and options aimed at avoiding redundancies while still achieving cost savings and maintaining an effective and cohesive workforce.

  • About event
  • This seminar will address some of the trickiest issues that can arise in a redundancy exercise. Based on our practical experience advising UK manufacturers, we will consider ways in which you might be able to avoid making redundancies and, to ensure that  you are prepared if redundancies are required, we will provide our top tips on how to handle potential redundancy pitfalls in a way that minimises your legal risks and keeps the process on track.

    Through a variety of case studies and interactive exercises, we will cover a range of questions, including:
    • Who counts towards the collective redundancies threshold when you’re proposing dismissals in successive batches and whom do you actually have to consult?
    • What’s the best way to ensure that all at-risk employees in a collective redundancy have an appropriate representative?
    • Where are the discrimination risks when setting your redundancy selection criteria?
    • How should you respond when an at-risk employee goes off sick and communication is difficult?
    • When does your obligation to offer suitable alternative vacancies to a woman on maternity leave actually kick in?
    • What are the rules applicable to trial periods and can you make them work for you in practice?
    • How can you keep your redundancy process as short as possible, while complying with mandatory minimum consultation and notice periods?
    • Are there any available ways in which you can avoid the need for redundancies altogether?

    The seminar will conclude with a Q&A session for you to ask your own questions of our expert speakers and there will also be plenty of opportunity to share your experiences and intelligence with other delegates.

  • Who Should Attend?
  • This workshop is suitable for HR professionals and senior managers who may have responsibility for any part of a redundancy exercise.
  • More details
  • Half-day (morning) seminar – 9.30am to 1.00pm
    Start times may vary depending on location. Please check joining instructions.