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At Make Venues we believe in good business. Every day, companies come to our venues and demonstrate why they continue to succeed; by showing where they attribute business value. 

Make Connections

They show that they value face to face time with their customers, that they want to invest in training their staff, that they believe that creativity and strategic thought needs space and time away from the office, and that business is done to a higher standard when people meet in a professional environment. It's because of this attitude that these companies have made our venues hubs for business. Now we want to do more.

That’s why we've created Make Connections, an initiative which invites any like-minded business networking group to host their events in our venue, for free. We're more than happy to give up our space for no cost if it means we can continue to share them with businesses that believe in doing things the right way, and the power of making connections face to face.  

If you're part of a business networking community or club, get in touch with us here at Make Venues and we'll look forward to welcoming you. Because we believe that to do well in business you need to Make Connections.  

John Turpin, Head of Group Central Services

Tel:     01926 310520
Mail:    [email protected]

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