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Vauban Group logoMake UK is proud to announce a new partnership with Vauban Group to develop and deliver new cyber security services to our members. This goes hand-in-hand with our work to help UK manufacturers harness the 4th Industrial Revolution - investment that is vital for our sector if it is to develop and grow. Yet we know from talking to our members, that perceived vulnerability to cyber attack can be an inhibitor to investment in digital technology. And with half of manufacturers telling us that they have been subject to cyber-attack at some time, this vulnerability is real.

Responding to these concerns, Make UK's and Vauban's new services have been designed to specifically meet the needs of the manufacturing community, helping businesses quantify their risk and take affirmative action to mitigate against it. Our new services will also help members demonstrate their cyber security safeguards to customers and suppliers, an ever more necessary requirement for businesses to operate in our sector. Make UK has selected Vauban as our partner because they are dedicated to delivering world-class, business-centric and risk-led solutions that address current, and mitigate against future cyber security threats.

In March 2019 we will begin the pilot phase of our new services, with 100 Make UK members having been selected at random to participate. Members selected for the pilot are being offered a free cyber security assessment to identify specific risks to their organisation and will receive a report with recommendations against it. Chris Ford, from Vauban Group, is contacting members by email or phone as part of the pilot programme. 

If you have not been selected but would like to take part in the pilot programme, please contact Sarah Stein on [email protected]