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Following a tough period of lockdown, businesses are now working to restore their operations.  Our teams of experts (including HR advisers, lawyers, health and safety consultants and business growth specialists) have prepared a Furlough Letters and Resources Pack to assist with this. 

As well as supporting you with the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, the Furlough Letters and Resources Pack will help you to assess business risk and put in place strategies to restart and maintain effective production.  These materials will also assist your HR team in ensuring as smooth a return as possible to “business-as-usual” for you and your staff.   

All letters will be updated to reflect the latest government guidance and announcements, once you have access you will be automatically notified when any changes are made. 

Our Furlough Letters and Resources Pack includes:

  • Flexible furlough template letter to put employees on flexible furlough. Flexible furlough can be used for employees on full furlough and those who have previously been on furlough but now working.
  • Furlough update template letter to notify employees who are currently furloughed of recent changes to the furlough scheme.
  • Return to full furlough template letter to place employees who are currently at work but who have previously been furloughed back onto full furlough leave (including the option of rotational furlough).
  • Return from furlough template letter to communicate appropriately to furloughed employees when they are expected to return to work, their working hours and to prepare them for new operational procedures.
  • Checklists to help your business recovery and effective management of operations alongside Covid-19 including:
    • HR and employment law checklist outlining key areas of compliance and workforce planning.  This will help you to identify which human resources and legal issues are of most relevance to your business and to brainstorm steps you could take to maximise the efficiency of your HR operations moving forward.
    • Health and safety checklist covering the health and safety considerations and risk assessments you will need to carry out before you resume operations post-shutdown and how to manage employee working and social distancing.
    • Production and operations checklist outlining key processes, procedures and business continuity issues you will need to consider across your entire operations. 
  • Quarantine policy guide and checklist to help with your internal policy decision-making when managing staff who are required to self-isolate following overseas travel.
  • Webinar: Getting Back to Business Post-Lockdown pre-recorded webinar by our HR, training and health and safety experts giving key strategic guidance to help you get back up-and-running as quickly as possible.  This webinar includes advice on :
  • HR strategy and workforce planning
  • Training and development
  • Health, safety and the environment (including undertaking risk assessments)
  • Support with process and production recovery (including supply chain)
  • Business continuity considerations


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