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To help you stay compliant, protect jobs and secure the future of your business, we are making essential HR tools and resources available as free downloads.

As our team of employment lawyers and HR practitioners continue to create templates and resources we will make them available here so you can easily keep up to date and adapt to government schemes and coronavirus restrictions.

With over 130,000 downloads, our free resources have helped thousands of businesses stay compliant and adapt quickly to changes.


Useful tools and documents

  • Template home and hybrid working policy - which sets out the employer's approach to home and hybrid working arrangements and requests. 
  • HR Manager’s Manual: Home and hybrid working - which covers how to tackle key home and hybrid working issues that are likely to be affecting your people and your organisation as you embed home and hybrid working practices over the longer term.
  • HR Checklist: Adapting your contracts and policies to embed home and hybrid working – which highlights where you may need to make changes to your contracts and policies to embed home and hybrid working for the long-term, as well as the issues you need to take into account when deciding your approach and operating the policies in practice.

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