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Building your brand of leadership

Great leaders are like great brands. And like great brands, you can’t be a leader without followers.  We’ll help you discover what’s distinctive about you as a leader and help you express it so that you can lead authentically and with gravitas, inspiring others to follow you.  
As a result of this program, you will be able to: 

  • Position yourself distinctively as a leader and express your personal brand of leadership   
  • Build your brand of leadership reflecting your uniqueness, values and strengths  
  • Use your unique personality and personal style to lead with passion, purpose, clarity and confidence 
  • Master essential story-telling, body language and tone of voice techniques so that you lead with presence and gravitas  
  • Achieve even more, more quickly and with even more impact 
  • Course content
  • Day 1: Building your leadership brand.  

    We start by applying the principles of branding to help you identify and express your own distinctive brand of leadership whilst remaining true to your natural self. 

    • The anatomy of a brand and how to apply this to yourself as a leader 
    • Building your leadership brand platform: positioning and distinctiveness, values, personality and identity 
    • Identifying your unique leadership style so that you can express this and use your style to your advantage 
    • Identify your leadership goals, trademark behaviours and actions 

    Bonus: Receive your personalised leadership style profile  

    Day 2: Expressing your brand of leadership: Being your boldest self.  

    As leaders we face many challenges – whether that’s mobilising and leading change, influencing and inspiring others to buy into our vision, managing our stakeholders and the internal politics that can go along with this, plus a lot more besides.    
    What you say and the way you say it – the stories you tell, the words you choose and the gestures you use as a leader has a bearing on what you project, how you’re perceived and the results you’re likely to get.  This is a huge part of your leadership personality and identity.  
    Building upon your leadership brand platform and unique style, we’ll help you bring your boldest self to the forefront, using your distinctive style to your advantage.   
    You’ll work with a professional script writer, actor and coach practising how to:

    • Influence and communicate with impact 
    • Create the stories that will inspire others and master story-telling, body language and tone of voice  
    • Deliver your leadership message with gravitas and impact  

    Bonus: Receive a one on one coaching session with a professional actor 

    3: Expressing your brand of leadership. Styling your leadership brand identity 

    Successful brands focus a lot of attention on their visual identity as an expression and memorable marque of what the brand stands for.  
    What you wear and how you wear it is often the first impression you’ll give as a leader and how others perceive you.  Your personal image can also have a big impact on your confidence and when you gain confidence in your unique personal style, you can positively impact your performance and the way you influence those around you. 
    You’ll work with an image coach and personal stylist using the principles of colour, colour psychology and personal styling to help you identify what to wear and how to wear it best matching this with your unique personality, brand of leadership being appropriate to the leadership challenges and situations you face.  

    • Identifying your style personality to reflect your brand of leadership and the environment you work in.  
    • Colour theory and colour psychology. How to wear colour best and apply colour appropriately in different leadership situations.  
    • Your personal colour consultation revealing which are the best colours for you.   
    • Advice and tips on choosing the styles, fabrics, cuts and patterns of clothing to work best for you and your work environment   

    Bonus:  Receive your own personal colour palette of swatches 

    4. Your one on one coaching package 

    You’ll be assigned an executive leadership coach to support you with achieving your leadership goals and objectives. Your first 3 sessions are included in this program and take place at a time to suit you either on-line or by phone. Coaching sessions are all about you and your agenda. Your coach will work with you to help you clarify and achieve your leadership goals, offering equal amounts of challenge and encouragement.  You’ll also have the option to continue accessing your coach post program sessions at a reduced rate.  

  • Pre-requisites
  • There are no pre-requisites for this course.
  • Assessment
  • There are no assessments for this course.
  • More details
  • Who should attend?

    Executive directors, leaders and entrepreneurs 
    Aspiring and future leaders 

    This leadership programme includes bonus features, worth £1000 each:

    1. Personal leadership profile: Delegates complete an on-line profile and will receive a personalised report which highlights your personality and communication preferences and relates this to your personal style of leadership so that you know how you use this to your advantage and how you can adapt your style to get more from others. 
    2. One on one coaching from a professional actor and award winning script writer:  As part of day 2, we help you master story telling, body language and tone of voice so that you can deliver you leadership message with gravitas and impact. You will get the opportunity to receive coaching and feedback from an award winning script writer and professional coach so that you can fine tune your performance
    3. Your own personal colour palette of swatches:  Our image consultants will provide you with a one on one colour consultation designed to help you choose and wear colour best and apply colour appropriately in different leadership situations based on colour psychology.  You take away a wallet containing your dominant colour swatches which you can use when choosing what to wear.