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Commercial Negotiation Skills training

The interactive programme is aimed at those who have the opportunity to negotiate with other parties and have the freedom to flex and alter the parameters of the deal they are involved in. Through participating in live negotiation exercises, delegates will develop creative and responsive interactions with their clients to achieve successful outcomes and strengthen relationships.

This course is particularly useful for managers involved with sales, purchasing or contracting.

Course content

  • Stages - the principal stages of negotiation and the purpose of each phase
  • Interests – the appropriate mind set for negotiation is trading on interests and needs, not absolute financial positions
  • Trading limits - defining y minimums and maximums for trading
  • BATNA/WAP/ZOPA – preparing for the negotiation and defining key points – where BATNA = best alternative to a negotiated agreement, WAP = walk away point and ZOPA = zone of possible agreement
  • Independent standards - developing constructive responses to outrageous demands or supporting your requests
  • Tactics – measures and counter measures that some negotiators use to gain advantage
  • Closing – methods to gain and reach agreement on a deal.


There are no pre-requisites for this course, however delegates need to be in a role where they have some flexibility and freedom to negotiate. If the individual cannot adjust any of the variables in a negotiation other than just price then there is likely to be little benefit for them from attending this event.


No assessment but delegates receive a certificate of attendance.

More details

There are no further details for this course.