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EAL Level 3 Certificate in Robotics and Automation

This qualification covers the knowledge and skills of robotic and automation engineering, can be taken as a complete programme or by module (more detail on each individual module can be found below).

There is a significant skills gap between where the majority of the workforce is now and where it needs to be. While employers will be installing robotics and automated systems in factories, there will continue to be a need to develop the right skills to work alongside new technology in a factory environment.

To help be ready for this change, which is already in progress, it is essential to adapt by creating reskilling and up-skilling training plans for the workforce. Make UK is proud to be one of the only providers who is able to offer the new EAL Level 3 Certificate in Robotics and Automation, which is the gest route to getting your workforce the skills they need.  

Course content

ROB3-01 Programmable Logic Controller

Understand PLC systems and associated communication methodology. Understand, edit and create PLC programs in Ladder Logic and STL format.

ROB3-02a Mechanical maintenance of Automation

Understand and carry out safe mechanical maintenance on industrial automation systems. 

ROB3- 02b Electrical maintenance of Automation 

Understand and carry out safe electrical maintenance on industrial automation systems. 

ROB3-02c Maintenance Support activities for Automation

Understand maintenance support activities related to electrical and mechanical automation systems. 

ROB3-03 Fault Finding and Diagnosis for Automation and Robotics 

Understand how to diagnose faults-on industrial automation. Carry out fault finding techniques.

ROB3-04 Robot Processes and Functions

Understand industrial robot processes and function. Operate an industrial robot. 

ROB3-05 Automated Control Systems

Understand the elements of control systems. Understand the application of control theory. 

ROB3-06 Machine Software Design Principles 

Understand software design methodologies. Create a programme to correctly perform a specific function.

ROB3-07 Robot Programming

Safely manipulate an industrial robot. Program an industrial robot. 

ROB3-08 Introduction to Simulation Engineering

Model a production process using simulation software. 

ROB3-09 Process Optimisation

Understand and apply methods of process, optimisation. Understand and apply optimisation techniques to industrial robotic systems. 

ROB3-10 Innovation in Automation

Understand the considerations that influence the decision to automate a process.


This course is aimed at those with a pre-existing knowledge of engineering.


All modules within the qualification will be assessed. In order to meet this requirement, we will maintain an assessment and feedback record for each learner. This will detail the evidence evaluated against the module and the feedback given to the learner. 

More details

This course is for:

  • People with existing knowledge in engineering
  • Learners who wish to understand robotics and automation engineering
  • Technicians and engineers who already work in the manufacturing industry who wish to enhance or re-confirm their skills and understanding of robotics and automation engineering



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Make UK has been helping companies to keep themselves and their employees safe for over 125 years. We deliver more than 10,000 training days each year and were the very first NEBOSH training partner

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