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Export Boot Camp

Course Content 

Virtual Workshops 

Delivered in partnership with Export Boot Camps, this new Virtual Classroom course is designed in a ‘bootcamp’-style, fast-paced format, to bring you up-to-date with those changes and understand how to take advantage of the possible opportunities.  Working as part of a group of like-minded business leaders, via ZOOM video conferencing, you will:

  • Get yourself and your business organised for exporting
  • Improve your knowledge of international trade
  • Understand the challenges & opportunities of Brexit
  • Share relevant experiences
  • Contribute ideas
  • Gain invaluable insights
  • Give yourself and your business a competitive edge
  • Leave with a Strategic Export Plan

Workbooks and supporting materials are written to support you in this style of learning, and all workshops are competitively priced to reflect the reduced costs of Virtual Classroom delivery. 

Stage 1 Export Boot Camp

This 2-day intensive course covers:

Day 1 

  • An overview of exporting, how World Trade works and next steps for leaving the EU 
  • How does that impact on your business and how to get started?
  • What do you sell and what do you own?
  • How Intellectual Property works and how to use it internationally
  • What does a Market Entry Plan look like?
  • International Preparedness SWOT for your business
  • Product Analysis and positioning 
  • Marketing Challenges and cultural impacts
  • Market selection and how to start to identify opportunities

Day 2 

  • Researching International Markets methodology and sources
  • Developing a strategy to start the export process
  • Setting export prices/break even analysis/quoting 
  • Getting paid and managing risks
  • Financing your trade 
  • How do you get the goods to market?
  • FTAs & Rules of Origin and how they affect your exports
  • Free Trade Agreements and how to use them
  • Summarising the two days and pulling together an appropriate strategy for the next export market 


Log on to the Institute of Leadership and Management website using your new membership code and complete the following modules to help prepare for the workshop:
BEFORE the Workshop

  • Authenticity – module Self Awareness 
  • Collaboration – module Building Networks
  • Vision – module Developing Strategy 
  • Achievement – module Delivering Outcomes
  • Ownership – module Problem Solving 

These will be tracked against your membership number and will be checked before you start the workshop. 


This programme of activity is accredited by the Institute of Leadership & Management at Level 5 and will be certificated once completed by this organisation. 
More study and detail from the InstituteLM.

Don’t forget that you will be able to use the post nominal of MInst.LM after your name whilst a member of the Institute through this programme.