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ILM level 5 certificate in coaching and mentoring

This six-day programme is designed to equip those who use coaching and/or mentoring as a significant part of their role with tools and techniques to be an effective workplace practitioner. Delegates will gain the practical skills to support personal development, improved organisational communication, professional relationships and improved performance.

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  • Course content
  • The programme covers three main elements of coaching and mentoring:

    Understanding the skills, principles and practice of effective coaching and mentoring

    • Coaching and mentoring - potential use of coaching and mentoring and essential outcomes for the organisation, teams and individuals
    • Coaching and mentoring culture - developing the readiness culture for coaching and mentoring and empowering learning
    • Barriers - identifying and overcoming barriers to learning and development, organisational and individual
    • Business case - presenting the case for coaching and mentoring to benefit individuals and improve organisational performance
    • Stakeholder needs - responsibilities of the coach and mentor to meet the needs of relevant organisational stakeholders
    • Competencies - critical exploration of the optimum knowledge, skills and behavioural profile of an effective coach and mentor
    • Facilitating learning - reflecting on the impact of different learning styles on the design of coaching and mentoring programmes for individuals and teams
    • Relationships - building empathetic learning relationships that nurture the culture of continuous learning, development and innovation
    • Models - processes and models that support great practice and enable learning momentum
    • Evaluation - evaluating the benefits of performance and result-driven coaching and mentoring
    • Personal development - reflecting on natural strengths and areas for further developing coaching and mentoring abilities.

    Undertaking management coaching and mentoring in the workplace

    • Undertaking coaching or mentoring – conduct a minimum of 12 hours coaching or mentoring with one or more individuals
    • Planning – plan coaching and mentoring programmes to meet individual needs in line with team and organisational requirements
    • Integration - understand how coaching and mentoring supports the line manager and set clear guidelines for roles and responsibilities for those managing and developing individuals
    • Contracting and record keeping - essential record keeping supporting purpose, and progress on development and achievement.
    • Review – review the use of diagnostics, communication techniques and relationship management
    • Coaching the coach and mentor - using feedback to improve coaching and mentoring activities.

    Reviewing own ability as a management coach or mentor

    • Assessing abilities - evidenced assessment analysis of own knowledge, skills and behaviours as a coach and mentor
    • Critical review  - review performance coaching and mentoring outcomes
    • Supervision - importance and experience of practitioner supervision
    • Personal development - demonstrating personal development and relevant plan for continued learning.
  • By completing this course, delegates will:
    • Understand the skills, principles and practice of effective coaching and mentoring in the workplace
    • Gain practical tools and techniques to upskill their practitioner abilities
    • Be able to critically reflect on the practice and culture of coaching and mentoring to enable improved performance and other organisational benefits.
  • Pre-requisites
  • There are no pre-requisites for this course. 

  • Assessment
  • Assessed through written and presented assignments to demonstrate understanding and application of the principles of coaching and mentoring, personal practice and critical reflection of abilities.