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Make Business/University of Portsmouth Certificate of Credit in Health & Safety Management

A health & safety certificate leading to Tech IOSH without exams. 

This course covers a broad scope of health and safety topics, including technical and legal issues, as well as providing a framework to help promote effective health and safety management in the workplace. The applied nature of the Programme is designed to appeal to managers, practitioners and employers alike, with all assessments targeted at practical workplace activities delegates put their learning into practice throughout the programme.

The course is recognised by IOSH & provides the academic requirements for TechIOSH as with The NEBOSH Certificate.

  • Course content
  • Module 1 – Health & Safety Management

    Explores the reasons for managing health and safety in organisations, including EU/UK legal requirements and the importance of health and safety standards. Principles of accident causation and prevention are examined, along with accident reporting and investigation, health and safety policy, risk assessment and control, and health and safety monitoring and review. This module provides an overview of ISO45001 and explores best practice principles for developing and implementing safe systems of work.

    Module 2 – Health & Safety Technology

    This module provides an introduction to the techniques and technologies for the assessment, management and control of a range of health and safety risks, including those associated with fire, equipment, transport, material handling, construction safety, working at height & electrical safety.

    Module 3 – Occupational Health & Hygiene

    Provides an introduction to occupational health and hygiene and the approaches used for the assessment, management and control of hazards associated with chemical agents, biological agents (e.g. legionnaires disease), and physical agents (e.g. noise/vibration, radiation, thermal stress and comfort, and light). Musculoskeletal disorders are considered, along with an introduction to the fundamentals of ergonomics. Finally the importance of psycho-social agents within occupational health are addressed e.g. stress and work-related violence.

  • Pre-requisites
  • There are no pre-requisites for this course.

  • Assessment
  • In order to obtain the Certificate of Credit in Health and Safety Management, students must pass all of the following assessments:

    1. Assignment 1 (Work Parcel 1): Health and Safety Management:

    A report of 1500-2000 words in which students are required to compare the ISO45001 Health and Safety Management System framework with actual practice that occurs in their workplace i.e. policy, planning, operational controls, monitoring and review. The analysis must consider each element in the framework, followed by the identification of areas for improvement i.e. a gap analysis.

    2. Assignment 2 (Work Parcel 2): Health and Safety Technology:

    This assessment requires a physical inspection of the workplace. Students must then compile a 1200-1500 report that addresses a series of short response questions which relate to health and safety issues in the workplace. The questions encourage students to consider core health and safety issues, and will typically require research beyond the material covered in the taught component of the module.

    3. Assignment 3 (Work Parcel 3):  Occupational Health and Hygiene:

    This assignment comprises a set of questions which relate to health risks and associated controls in the workplace. Students must compile a 1200-1500 report that provides a general overview of the occupational health risks in the workplace. For a selected agent, students are then required to apply the principles of occupational health and hygiene (e.g. recognition, measurement, evaluation and control) to manage the risk.

    In this way, the overall design of the assessment serves to encourage students to explore key health and safety issues in the workplace, requiring both an applied, practical examination of key concepts and issues, in addition to background research and supporting investigation.

  • More details
  • Benefits of attending:

    The Programme will enable you to:

    • Identify and assess risks in a low to medium risk setting and apply best practice management and technical controls.
    • Identify and interpret health and safety information and investigate health and safety incidents.
    • Recognise and understand their own limitations whilst being able to apply health and safety management principles, where appropriate.
    • Use the most effective means to secure information in a dynamic discipline that has a broad scope.
    • Appreciate how health and safety management can be understood and applied in different organisational

    Who should attend?

    • Health and safety managers, officers and advisers 
    • Managers with responsibility for the health and safety of their team
    • Those looking to become qualified health and safety practitioners

    Career progression:

    By completing this course delegates:

    • Can apply for Technical membership of the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (TechIOSH) 
    • Progress to the Make Business/Portsmouth University diploma or the NEBOSH diploma