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Shift design and implementation: the business case for change

With the prospect of shift changes bringing workforce disruption it’s no surprise that employers might be tempted to stick with incumbent, legacy shift systems. But what if a flexible working arrangement could be implemented that suited the demands of your customers, your workforce and your cost-base?

  • Course content
  • In this highly practical seminar, our HR  and Productivity and Performance teams take you through the business case for reviewing and changing your existing shift patterns. From understanding your utilisation rates and strategies that reduce overtime, to reviewing alternatives and feasibility testing – all whilst staying legally compliant and keeping your workforce on-board with the change process.  

    This session will help you to address workforce issues such as:

    • Why look at shift patterns in the first place?
    • The risk versus reward profile – what are the potential savings and trade-off?
    • How to use workforce planning to review current effectiveness (staffing for need not convenience)?
    • What are some of the alternative shift patterns and the pro’s cons of each?
    • How do you engage the workforce and keep them on-board?
    • What is your legal position when it comes to contractual changes?
    • How does this fit with the businesses approach to lean management?

    Delegates will take away a number of useful tools and checklists. 

  • Pre-requisites
  • There are no pre-requisites.
  • Assessment
  • There is no formal assessment.
  • More details
  • By attending this seminar, delegates will:

    • Be able to confidently prepare a business case for changing shift patterns
    • Be able to assess if their own shift patterns are fit for purpose 
    • Learn the steps required  to undertake a workforce analysis 
    • Get insight into shift pattern best practices at similar organisations
    • Understand their legal position 
    • Know both sides of the pain v gain debate 
    • Get clear, practical answers to real life problems
    • Network with peers and share experiences