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Handling Discipline and Grievance training- Virtual classroom

Our virtual classroom training provides an online environment for our training programmes to be delivered at your home or office. You get the same access to our experienced consultants and learn from your peers in an interactive environment that replicates a physical classroom.

This virtual classroom course is designed to assist all levels of management who may be required to undertake misconduct investigations, disciplinary and/or grievance hearings and appeals to do so with confidence and accordance with legal requirements.

Course Content

This bitesize course covers:

Welcome, Introductions and overview content and objectives 

Module 1

The law relating to unfair dismissal/formal process overview 

Module 2

Part 1 - The investigation
Part 2 - Investigation case studies

Module 3 

  • The disciplinary hearing including poll 
  • The appeal
  • Handling grievances

Question time

By attending this course, delegates will: 

Upon completion of this course delegates will understand why procedures are so important and be able to handle these matters with increased confidence and reduced risk of ‘getting it wrong’.  


To join our virtual classes, you’ll need:

  • Chrome or Firefox
  • An internet connection
  • An internal or external microphone, and preferably a webcam and headset


There is no assessment but delegates receive a certificate of attendance