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Influencing Health and Safety Culture and Behaviour - Virtual classroom

It is generally recognised that promoting safe behaviours is fundamental to creating a safe workplace, however this must be underpinned by a robust safety culture.

This course will provide Managers, Business Leaders and H&S Professionals with:

  • An understanding of what safety culture is and how to measure it.
  • An understanding of the factors which influence human behaviour and how it can be positively influenced

Course content

  • Importance of focussing on safe behaviours
  • Creating the right safety culture
  • How to measure safety culture
  • Understanding human failure
  • Violations
  • Human Errors 
  • Factors influencing human behaviour
  • Dealing fairly with human failure
  • Positively influencing behaviours
  • Principles of safety interventions
  • Putting behavioural change into practice


There are no pre-requisites, however individuals in a management, leadership or health & safety role will gain the most from the course.

Course level: Intermediate


There is no assessment, but questions and exercises are used throughout the course to check understanding.

The course is recognised by Make UK and delegates will receive a certificate of attendance.