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EEF Ltd Voluntary Policy Statement

EEF is a professional membership services organisation acting as the voice of British Manufacturing, both in the UK and Europe. Our membership has a stewardship obligation to demonstrate and promote fair and reasonable standards in the treatment of people who are within their sphere of influence. 

 To this end, EEF has the ability to play an active role in the promotion of progressive HR and people management practices. Although ensuring respect of human rights and environmental issues within the businesses with which we interact is, ultimately, not within EEF’s sphere of responsibility; however EEF will take an active role through our business processes to communicate our expectations.

 It is our expectation that all businesses and individuals that we engage on our behalf will have in place effective processes aimed to eradicate all forms of modern slavery as far as that is possible, including (but not limited) to child labour, forced labour (including human trafficking), physical disciplinary abuse and any infraction of the applicable law. These processes should include, but not be limited to, enforceable terms of businesses, internal audits and the training of staff.