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The UK’s leading energy and sustainability advisor are here to support Make UK members

Inspired Energy PLC provides expert insight and consultancy to optimise the energy strategy of over 500 manufacturers and energy intensive clients. 
With UK businesses facing increasing pressure to get serious about sustainability, Inspired Energy PLC can help Make UK members create a perfect-fit utilities management solution, helping you to reduce the price you pay, as well as reducing your consumption.

Net Zero is a challenge but with the right support and advice, can present businesses with a range of commercially and operationally beneficial opportunities. Inspired Energy’s solutions create a clear and actionable long-term plan, making investment easier to obtain and carbon reductions quicker to realise.

If you're already a Make UK member, please email [email protected] to find out more.


Support available to Make UK members:

My Net Zero Toolkit

‘My Net Zero Toolkit’ is a service provided by Inspired Energy PLC that will guide UK manufacturers’ towards net zero by 2050 (or earlier if possible) and help them to respond to the imperative of climate action.

The toolkit is intended to enable all members, wherever they are in their net zero journey, to understand that it is possible to plan their future business in a climate-responsible manner, and that they will reap the benefits of this strategy. The toolkit includes:

1. Carbon Footprint

2. Site Surveys

3. Project Implementation

4. Track and report

The toolkit full service brochure can be accessed via our partners Inspired Energy.


Rising world energy prices through 2021 have drawn headlines. Inspired Energy’s market analysts are experts in negotiating procurement contract terms either fixed, flexible or bespoke – even in the most complex of circumstances - and will ensure you get the best possible deal (including green contracts).

Exemption Schemes

As a manufacturer, you could be missing out on environmental levy relief available to high-intensity energy users. Various levy exemption schemes could help you save you thousands on your energy bills.


Compliance doesn’t have to be a costly exercise. Inspired Energy’s proactive approach will help you turn legislative compliance schemes including ESOS and SECR into an opportunity to deliver real change and kick-start your Net Zero journey.

Efficiency and Sustainability

The energy landscape is changing and there is increasing pressure on organisations to become more sustainable. We can help you outline your plans, make positive commitments and reduce your costs and carbon emissions.

Energy Accounting

We offer a range of solutions including invoice validation and retrospective audits, to help you understand consumption, get on top of billing anomalies, and identify any savings or refunds you could be owed.  We’ve already recovered over £600m in savings and refunds from billing errors for our clients. 

Inspired Energy PLC values its own role in meeting the UK’s target and will continue their drive to achieve Net Zero by 2035. They have 550 experts located throughout the UK and Ireland, giving a depth of experience and expertise that is reflected by their position as the UK’s number one advisor by Cornwall Insight (2018-2021).

If you need advice on creating and delivering your energy strategy, Inspired Energy PLC can advise you on how best to start and implement your decarbonisation journey.

If you're already a Make UK member, please email [email protected] to get in touch. 


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