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Healthcare cash plan

We’ve worked with our partner, Westfield Health to create a healthcare product that will suit the needs of all our members. Reward and motivate staff, and attract the best talent at minimum cost.

Our simple and innovative corporate healthcare plan costs from as little as £1 per week, per employee, and delivers a wide range of employee benefits.

Our cash plan provides your employees with a healthcare benefit. It’s also able to help you reduce sickness absence, keep your workforce motivated, and add value during pay reviews and settlements.

Our bespoke cash plan offers:
•    a corporate-paid healthcare cash plan for your workforce, from £1 per week
•    100% reimbursement, up to set limits, for dental and optical care, dental trauma,
     consultations, and therapy treatments for your employees
•    access to scanning facilities that can lead to early diagnosis and intervention
•    online personal health risk assessments
•    a 24-hour counselling and advice line
•    up to six sessions of face-to-face counselling and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)
•    access to DoctorLine™ — a 24-hour GP telephone consultation service
•    access to Best Doctors® — providers of expert medical advice, information and support
•    health club concessions, giving employees up to 30% off at over 2,500 health clubs in the UK
•    options to provide additional cover for children and hospital treatment insurance
•    the cover of pre-existing medical conditions on the Make UK cash plan
•    voluntary upgrades and partner cover via individual direct debit

As an employer, this bespoke cash plan helps you to:
•    attract and retain staff by offering healthcare and financial benefits
•    add value during pay reviews and pay settlements
•    improve staff morale, motivation and productivity
•    reduce sickness absence and related costs
•    support your employees’ work-life balance

If you're already a Make UK member contact our partner directly
on 0114 250 2384 or email them at [email protected]

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