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STR Group

International Recruitment Specialist

Engineering and Manufacturing is a competitive candidate market, so it is crucial to be as innovative and creative as possible to identify, attract and retain talent. The STR Group and Make UK have developed an attractive offering for Make UK members, to help you access the wide range of recruitment support to help members overcome their skills challenges. 

All Make UK members will benefit from exclusive access to the STR Group's priority service, with a preferred commercial arrangement.

Make UK members can contact the STR Group directly -  [email protected]

Finding Skills Now, Funding Skills of the Future

Make UK and STR Group are delighted to be working with The Smallpeice Trust, an educational charity with a goal is to give young people everything they need to fuel their passion for engineering, helping them to see that big ideas can become reality.

As part of the recruitment support offered to Make UK members, for the first permanent placement made with each Make UK member, a charitable donation will be made to The Smallpeice Trust, so that whilst addressing skills challenges now, members will also help support the skills of the future. 

Find out more about The Smallpeice Trust.



Types of recruitment services:

Contract Recruitment

The STR Group knows that Engineering and Manufacturing work can often be project-based and that the volume of work can ebb and flow, therefore firms often need a flexible workforce. Using contract or interim recruitment solutions allows firms to adapt to the changing needs of their business, as well as also enabling them to utilise specialist skillsets for specific projects.

Permanent Recruitment

Overcome your staffing challenges with the STR Group’s permanent recruitment consultancy service, to help you attract the highest calibre talent into your business for the long term. The STR Group will work with you to ensure your company, Employee Value Proposition and future opportunities are positioned for success.

Dedicated Resourcing Programmes

The STR Group’s dedicated Resourcing Programmes are designed to help you address project-based resource requirements.

Whether you need support for a particular product launch, a new facility or manufacturing line, the STR Group can provide the resource solutions to support your project.

Programmes are tailored to your needs, be that a whole team with varying skillsets for a particular project, volume hires of the same skillset or a mixture of contract and permanent resources.

RPO MSP Solutions

Within many companies, the procurement of contract workers is decentralised or may even be ‘hidden’. This can lead to poor visibility, unauthorised hiring, variable compliance and cost increases. These challenges, and many more, can be addressed through a Managed Service Provision.

The STR Group’s MSP Solution can also provide recruitment, onboarding, management, payroll, retention and controlled exiting for contract staff through suppliers.

Are you after an end-to-end recruitment process solution for direct hires and permanent staff through suppliers? Speak to STR about their RPO solutions.

The STR Group have over 22 years of trading in Engineering and Manufacturing. They have a deep understanding of all things manufacturing, that means that you and your requirements are safe in their hands. Their partnership solution offers Make UK members a priority, tailored service from a dedicated account team. The STR Group’s unique corporate structure means that Make UK members can benefit from the expertise from any of its specialist STEM recruitment brands, all of whom are backed up by its Professional Services recruitment division.

The STR Group recruit exceptional talent in:

Make UK members can contact the STR Group directly [email protected]