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Boutros Bear - Workplace Chronic Illness Support for Manufacturers 

Make UK have partnered with Boutros Bear, to help members tackle the most prevalent chronic illnesses affecting the manufacturing sector; chronic pain and cancer. 
Boutros Bear offer two main services:

  1. Workplace Rehabilitation Programmes – to support employees with chronic pain and illness via accelerated physical and mental health recovery delivered through personal coaching and digital courses.
  2. Support for employers through HR and line manager training to enable them to understand the practical and legal considerations of managing employees with chronic illnesses in the workplace.

Make UK members will receive a 10% discount on Boutros Bear services.

Members can contact the team at Boutros Bear directly: [email protected] or call 01223 343235.


Download the Boutros Bear brochure to find out more.

Personalised rehabilitation for employees

Weekly online coaching, to instil Behavioural Science based change. Tailored approach to the individual’s mental and physical health needs.

  • Expert physiotherapists and health coaches
  • Specialist exercise classes
  • Mental health counselling
  • Mindfulness training
  • Personalised nutrition advice, meal plans and recipes
  • Community support groups

Support for Employers 

  • E-learning for HR and Line Managers on how to support their employees with chronic conditions.
  • Includes employer obligations as defined by the Equality Act 2010 and the Disability Discrimination Act 1995


The benefits of working with Boutros Bear

  • Assistance with understanding and fulfilling both moral and legal obligations
  • Minimised productivity losses through reduced absentee and presenteeism
  • Improved staff retention rates as a result of improved Quality of Life and reduction in Stress, anxiety and Depression.

Packages for Make UK members

A basic subscription costs just £3.50 per employee which will give you the full suite of online training and content. This includes practical advice and training on how to support your employees who are diagnosed with either chronic pain or cancer. Boutros Bear also provides training on the latest employment legislation, as well as support to enable a faster and more consistent return-to-work.

Boutros Bears 12-week courses have been developed using an evidence-based behavioural science approach. The courses have been proven to create long-lasting improvements both physically and mentally.

These programmes are purchased in bundles and provide a highly cost-effective solution for supporting employees who are either working with or recovering from chronic illness

Make UK members can take advantage of Boutros Bear’s expertise by calling 01223 948 990 or via email: [email protected]

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