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UK Steel champions and celebrates the UK steel industry. Joining UK Steel makes you an integral part of a powerful industry voice that influences governments at local, national and EU level to create the best possible environment for the British steel industry.

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Membership is open to all UK-based companies involved in the production of steel and the downstream processes including rolling, drawing, coating and tube making. Subscription rates for membership vary according to turnover.


Steel Representation

As the voice of the steel industry, we interface with government and parliament – in both London and Brussels – to influence policy so that it underpins, rather than undermines, the long term success of our sector.

Here's how we help our Members succeed:

  • Saving them time and money through the services that we provide
  • Providing analyses and advice on European, UK and other legislative, statutory or trade developments that will affect their business
  • Providing a well-informed forum for them to discuss, develop and influence UK and EU technical and environmental standards
  • Influencing the UK and European economic, political and social environment to their benefit
  • Providing aggregated market statistics, within the framework of competition rules, so that they can better judge their position in the market
  • Channelling customer enquiries to them as they arise
  • Providing twice yearly access to an expert steel-user industries demand forecasting group to help them plan
  • Holding events (working groups, committees, conferences, parliamentary receptions) on important topics
  • Helping them to exploit all the support to which they are entitled, e.g. BIS funding, for information and communications technology and competitiveness
  • Promoting the steel industry to policy and opinion formers and the public to underline the importance of steel’s role in the economy

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