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How to apply for a Make UK apprenticeship


1) Step-by-step application process

2) CV and interview support

3) Application support

Step-by-step application process

Step one: Find an apprenticeship in your area

Search our apprenticeship vacancies by location and subject matter to find the role best suited to you

Step two: Submit your application

Spend around 1-3 hours completing your application and fine tuning your CV

Step three: Application review and call back

You should expect to wait 1-4 weeks before you will hear back about your application submission

Step four: Assessment & interview day

Top tip: Dress smartly, be well rested, be prepared, but most importantly show your passion for learning

Step five: Second interview and pre-placement

Top tip: When you meet your apprentice employer make sure to ask questions and be interested and attentive

CV and Interview Support

CV Support

  • Have you included a brief personal statement at the top of your CV that indicates how your interests and skills align with the particular apprenticeship?
  • Have you started with your most recent relevant job (or volunteer) experience and worked back?
  • Does your experience clearly explain not only what your job entailed, but the skills and benefits you brought to the company through these tasks?
  • Have you included any relevant awards and distinctions (including school honours)?

Interview Support

  • Do you need help preparing for your interview? Contact Barry Jones, Make UK Apprentices and Skills Recruitment and Mentoring Officer, to get some pointers
  • Do you have a quick synopsis ready of why this particular apprenticeship and company appealed to you?
  • Can you answer a question on where you see your career progression after your apprenticeship? Are you interested in staying at the same company and adding to their skills base with your apprenticeship training?
  • Do you know what skills you already have and which you’re hoping to gain at your apprenticeship?

Application Support

Here’s a quick guide to our application process and how to ensure your application stands out:


  • Click ‘Apply now’ next to your desired vacancy to go to the application portal; here you’ll create a log-in so you can save your progress and continue working on your application another day, at your leisure
  • An important part of the application is demonstrating your passion for engineering; highlight any hobbies you have or courses you’ve taken at school or college that showcase this
  • Make sure you address any experience or academic qualifications you have that relates to the particular job description
  • Make sure you give yourself enough time (typically between 1.5 and 2 hours) to complete the application thoroughly


  • You’ll take a couple of tests covering basic engineering on material you would have come across in school as well as basic maths, English and ICT skills
  • Have a pen, paper and calculator at the ready
  • Find a quiet space to complete your tests


  • Do one last check for spelling, grammar and typos (maybe even getting a parent or friend do a proof read) – carelessness does have an impact on how your application is viewed
  • If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call the Make UK’s Technology Training Centre; we’re here to help
  • If you can, submit your application earlier rather than later to give the review team a chance to alert you to any easy fixes or small mistakes so you can correct and resubmit before the deadline


Apprenticeships are increasingly valued ways to earn while you learn and achieve a wide variety of technical and academic qualifications.
While there is competition for spots, we’re sure we can find the right spot for you.
Give our apprentice recruitment team a call or email, and they can help you find the right spot for your interests, location and experience.

Check out our latest vacancies

Explore our full list of apprenticeship vacancies and find your future career.

Open days and events

Book your place at one of our open days and apprentice-related events, where you will be able to meet experts and get face-to-face apprenticeship advice.