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What is KickStart?

The Kickstart Scheme provides funding to employers to create job placements for 16 to 24-year-olds on Universal Credit.

Employers of all sizes can apply for funding which covers:

  • 100% of the National Minimum Wage (or the National Living Wage depending on the age of the participant) for 25 hours per week for a total of 6 months
  • associated employer National Insurance contributions
  • employer minimum automatic enrolment contributions

Why Kickstart will help your business?

To attract talent to potential roles within the company in hard to fill roles with skill shortages
Cost-effective method to select new applicants into roles that would not normally be available
Companies are able to look at new processes and roles that they would not be able to recruit for and to develop new ideas
Additional resources to support business needs to enable other staff to receive support
Offer opportunities that people may never have thought were available to them

How to get started  

You can apply directly or use Make UK as an approved Kickstart Gateway. 

Why use Make UK Kickstart Gateway?

To help young people gain a career opportunity and support your organisation with skills shortages.  Our expertise is in the Manufacturing sector and we have a wealth of experience of working with 16-24 year olds.  We offer a recruitment solution currently to many organisations across the UK.  
If you use Make UK as a gateway you get to keep all of the £1500 training grant to spend   We offer a full training package if your wish to buy this from us to support your Induction and ongoing training.  Our training ranges from e-learning short courses through to online and face to face for accredited courses. We also offer to all of our companies an app that will support with bite size training including CV, Interviews, Team Building and Time keeping to name a few along with mental health and wellbeing activities.  The cost to you is £100 per licence per Kickstarter.

Our Service 

Our goal is to support you throughout the process.

First Stage

You complete an application form to ensure eligibility and understanding of the grant requirements.  Make UK will then process the application along with other applications and gain as much information as we can to ensure the grant is accepted.

Second Stage

Once your application has been approved we will notify you and get you to complete a very detailed job description.  This will have details of the individual duties and must explain the training that will be provided by you or how you will source external support to ensure that the individual is supported throughout the placement.

This form once completed will be sent through to DWP for approval.  Once approved DWP notify Make UK that the vacancy goes live.  Make UK then contact you and support with next steps.

Third Stage

Your vacancy goes live and you will start receiving interest from individuals.  Once the person has expressed an interest the next step is for them to send their CV to you to arrange interviews.  You are in control of this you decide who you want to take on and you make the offer.

Fourth Stage

You see a candidate and want to make an offer.  You offer them a role – issue them with a contract of employment and notify DWP and Make UK of the offer.  

Fifth stage

When the individual starts with you a full induction and training plan is needed to ensure that the Kickstarter is given the tools to carry out the role and gain the skills required. Training is required throughout for employability skills and on the job training.  The Kickstarter will have access to their app to start carrying out the bitesize activities and using the wellbeing tools if needed.

Training and Support

Make UK have a full suite of training courses that can help you with training required to support each individual Kickstarter.  This is at an additional cost to you can use your £1500 can pay for this.

These packages are designed to help the placed individual gain sustainable employment and career progression. They cover:

  • Helping to look for a chosen career path,
  • CV writing along with interview preparation, 

Developing skills, such as working in a team, organisation and communication skills to fit into your work environment.

Training Package  

Gives you help with your participants including:

  • Job searching 
  • CV writing 
  • Job applications 
  • Online interview preparation 
  • In-person interview preparation 
  • Team working 
  • Communication skills

Training & Support Package

Specialist training from a dedicated job coach to help their search and application. 

  •  Job searching 
  • CV writing 
  • Job applications
  • Online interview preparation 
  • In-person interview preparation 
  • Team working 
  • Communication skills 
  • Workplace behaviour and expectations 

Plus - Access to a variety of short courses on employment and to suit their chosen career path

Full Support Package

A comprehensive package designed to give your participant the very best support to identify career goals and job seeking decisions.
• Job searching
• CV writing 
• Job applications 
• Online interview preparation 
• In-person interview preparation 
• Team working 
• Communication skills 
• Workplace behaviour and expectations 

Plus – Variety of short courses on employment and professional skill to fit their chosen career path.

Plus – Coaching and Mentoring Training Course

Benefits of the Kickstart scheme for manufacturers

Peter Davis from James Lister & Sons and Mark Reynolds from the IPU Group share the value that Kickstart placement students have brought to their businesses.

Get started

What to do next if you would like to apply to Make UK to be part of our next grant application. We can set up a call to discuss your requirements.