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XBlades - The world's leading drone racing team

On the Makers MeetUp stage, the technical team spoke about the hunt for speed and the technological leaps they need to make year on year to stay ahead of the pack. They also featured in the demonstration zone throughout the day. 

Dicey Tech - Leaders in tech education

A company on a mission to bridge the gap between education and industry. At the event they spoke about some of the amazing work Alexander and his team are doing within 3D printing and open-source electronics to help young people create the technologies that will change the world. 

Hausbots - The wall painting robot

Hausbot’s mission is to bring technology into painting and decorating, by developing a suite of products to make painting faster, smarter and safer. Jack Cornes told us their story from idea through to successful start-up.

ScanLabs - Cartographers of the future

Turning the physical into the digital. A pioneering company at the forefront of exploring the world through precise, beautiful replicas of buildings, landscapes, objects and events. In 2019 we heard why ScanLabs believe 3D scanners are the cartographers of the future.

Franki Hall - Stand out from the crowd

 Franki Hall taught our visitors how to use the digital skills they already possess to help them stand out from the crowd and make their next career move.

Target 3D - The art of motion

Specialising in the integration of cutting edge tracking technologies, Target 3D discussed the multiple uses of motion tracking from virtual reality through to cutting edge technology like hologram creation, haptic feedback and movement sciences.