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ScanLabs - Large scale 3D scanning

We saw some of the amazing projects ScanLabs are turning digital and witness some of the amazing technology that sits behind it.

LiamoStudio - Digital creator 3D scanning

A creative at the forefront of AR and the Spark platform. We learned how to create your own augmented reality filters.

Snap Maker - Design code 3D print

The 3d printing, CNC laser cutting machine one of the most rapidly crowd funded tech projects of all time. A product at the forefront of personal manufacturing. If you can dream it Snap Maker can make it.

Comuzi Lab - Design invention studio

Tech innovators, a radical mix of play, rigor, experimentation and forward thinking tech exploring the world of AI.

Litho - The input device for the real world

A small finger –worn controller that connects to your smart phone or headset allowing individuals to build, manipulate, creating more dynamic, intuitive and precise augment reality than previously possible.

Dicey Tech - Prototyping smart products of the future

Was a showcase of the QB 3D printer and the drones, robotic arms, autonomous cars and rockets built using the machine plus a chance to build one of your own.

Rafe Jonson - Experiments in virtual embodiment

A Product Design Masters student and Computer Arts graduate interested in areas of human enhancement technology and augmented / virtual reality showcasing his experiments in Virtual Embodiment.

Schneider Electric - The smart city of the future

Leading the digital transformation of energy management and automation in homes, Schneider Electric are showcasing the tech that is making cities more efficient, resilient and sustainable.