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Our awards are a great opportunity for you to showcase your achievements, your people and your business.

Here are the top 10 reasons why you should enter.

1. Raise the profile of your company and benefit from great PR
Previous winners of our Awards have been impressed by the extensive positive PR they have received, raising awareness of their business, impressing their existing customers and opening the door to new customers.

2. Boost employee motivation and focus your team on even greater success
If you’re crowned a regional or national winner, the positive impact will be felt throughout your business. You will experience improved employee morale, increased sense of pride and greater confidence that you can meet the challenges going forward.

3. Attract the best talent to your team
Give your business a massive advantage when it comes to recruitment. Position your company as an ‘employer of choice’, so you can attract the best talent to your team and retain existing skills in your workforce.

4. Gain internal recognition
Whether you’re an apprentice, a manager, part of the senior management team or CEO, it's an opportunity to gain board recognition for your individual and team’s contribution to your business’ success.

5. Benchmark your business
Entering gives you the opportunity to benchmark your business against peers and competitors.

6. Prove your credentials - align yourself and your company with excellence
Winning a nationally recognised award is a great stamp for your expertise and achievement. What better way to show the world you're committed to the environment, investing in skills and apprentices, passionate about your people or an export success?

7. Reflect on your successes
Take time to reflect on where you are, how you got here and the journey along the way. It’s not only therapeutic but stepping away from the day-to-day activity paves the way for the next big idea!

8. Dispel manufacturing myths
Challenge perceptions of the industry and help dispel the myths that Britain doesn’t make anything anymore. The reality is that manufacturing is an advanced, high-value innovative industry that is firmly focused on the future. Sharing your stories will help showcase the talents and programmes that make UK manufacturing the 8th largest manufacturer by output in the world.

9. Network with the best in manufacturing
This is your chance to meet other future focused manufacturers like yourselves that are continuously looking to improve their businesses. You could meet new clients or collaborative partners, helping you gain that all important competitive edge.

10. Thank your team and show them you care