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My name is Georgina Rhodes and I work for Ishida Europe Ltd. I am a 1st year apprentice and I have been in my role as Technical Product Design Apprentice for approximately 7 months.


About me

I am 19 years old and I come from an A-level background where I studied Maths, Physics and Geography. I also have 8 GCSEs in numerous subjects like Geography, English Literature and German. Nevertheless, I have always been interested in becoming an engineer since I participated in 2 weeks of work experience at Jaguar Land Rover with my Dad. As a result I chose to concentrate on my maths and physics subjects as these compliment my engineering knowledge.

Why did I become an Apprentice?

I have always wanted to be an apprentice. But I have always wanted to experience higher education after I finished school. I became an apprentice because I felt as though it was the best route for me to achieve high level qualifications but also gain invaluable work experience, which coincidently supports my tasks when I am in company. The training sets me up with challenges and opportunities which I would not find anywhere but an apprenticeship. My pathway is specifically tailored to my learning style and job description, and the mentoring and support is at a much higher level than I ever expected from both company and the EEF.

What am I doing now?

At the EEF I study BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma with the view to begin my HNC this September. I am studying topics such as Electrical Principles, Mechanical Principles, Engineering Drawing, Properties and Applications, Health and Safety and Business Operations.

Along with my theoretical studies, I take part in daily practical tasks where I have used all of the following equipment:

  • Milling machine
  • Lathe
  • CNC
  • Pneumatic Rigs
  • Electronic
  • Electrical
  • PLC
  • CAD

These practical tasks contribute towards my NVQ where I complete practical tasks called PEOs standing for Performing Engineering Operations. For this I am provided with engineering drawings of parts and I am tasked with making the part on the drawing to specific tolerances for a final assembly. Along with these parts, I am asked to complete equipment lists and draft an engineering operations methodology. In addition to this, I am to answer questions regarding health and safety about the machine and other underpinning knowledge questions regarding the use of particular machinery.

My Working Life

My typical working week is 4 days at the EEF and 1 day a week back in company. Therefore, my working hours are from 8am until 4:30pm Monday to Thursday and 8:30am until 4:30pm on a Friday. My weekly tasks change depending upon my timetable, and it is during this time that I complete my PEOs. In addition to this, Tuesday is my BTEC day where I study my theoretical subjects.


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