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After 18 months, the Extended Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (‘the Extended CJRS’) comes to an end on 30 September 2021. Accordingly, the last day for which employers will be able to claim a grant under the scheme is 30 September. Final claims for September must be submitted by Thursday 14 October.

Employers who currently have employees on full or flexible furlough are likely to be facing one of three main scenarios when the Extended CJRS comes to an end: 

  • they can ask employees to resume work on the same terms and conditions that they were on prior to being put on furlough; 
  • they can ask employees to resume work, but with some changes to terms and conditions or working arrangements (provided they follow the appropriate processes to implement such changes); or 
  • they may need to implement redundancies. 

Make UK have prepared two new template letters for employers to use to end full or flexible furlough:

  • Ending full or flexible furlough under the Extended CJRS – this template letter is suitable for use where employees will return to their pre-furlough terms, or where you are proposing to implement changes to terms or working arrangements, for example in relation to home or hybrid working, pay, or hours of work. 
  • Ending full or flexible furlough under the Extended CJRS where the employee is at risk of redundancy – this letter is suitable for use where furloughed employees are currently being consulted on proposed redundancies and explains how the ending of the Extended CJRS could affect them. 

You can download these letters for free by visiting this webpage.

You may also find our HR Checklist: Covid-19 return to the workplace helpful. 

For more information on the legal risks of different approaches to changing terms and advice on how consult on and implement the changes, Make UK members can access the resources on our website or talk to their adviser. Non–members can call us on 0808 168 5874 or email [email protected] for information on how Make UK can advise you on a consultancy basis.

In addition, click here if you would like access to our downloadable Covid-19 Redundancy toolkits, which will help you manage a robust and fair process, taking account of logistical and technical complexities that have been created as a result of Covid-19. These are FREE for subscribers to our HR & legal services and £345+VAT for non-members.

For further information on the Extended CJRS please see our FAQs on Furlough under the Extension to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

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