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Business Travel to the EU has changed since the beginning of 2021. This means that there are important considerations for employers before they send any employee to the EU as a Business Visitor. Employees will only qualify as a business visitor is understanding specific activities, to be determined by the country they are travelling to. The rules are different for each country. While these visitors may not require visas and work permits, they will still need to prepare documents to bring with them and ensure they meet other obligations, including social security (NICs) requirements.

In addition to new travel requirements, employers will need to manage obligations for social security (NICs) when sending employees to EU countries. The UK EU TCA brought in new rules and our guide below helps understanding social security coordination when traveling between the UK and the EU. 

What’s in the guide?

This Make UK guide, developed in partnership with IEM Consultancy, sets out the activities recognised as business visits by each European country and the different requirements for each country. The guide comes as a package along with our A1 form guide on understanding social security.

Make UK Business visitor guide

  • Overview of business travel to the EU
  • New notification systems ETIAS & EES
  • Requirements for UK business visitors
  • Business visitor activities for each country in the EU & Schengen area 

Including travel letter templates for inviting and sending

Make UK A1 form guide

  • Understanding social security coordination when travelling between the UK & the EU
  • Explanation of the rules in regulations 883/2004 and 987/2009
  • Marginal and substantial activities
  • The UK/EU trade and cooperation agreement
  • Proof of existing social security payments
  • Form ca3821
  • Form ca3822

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Product : Guide to Business Travel and Sending Workers to the EU

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