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COVID-19 Employment Law Support

Instant access to experts
No long term fixed contract

As the HR profession battles with the pace of change in employment law, access to experienced HR and employment law advice is more important than ever.

We have adapted our employment law advice and guidance support to help more organisations access quality legal advice without restrictive contracts during the Coronavirus crisis. 

By removing the twelve-month contract period and streamlining the service for new customers, our monthly package gives you access to advice and support in areas such as:

  • Furlough processes and documentation
  • Employee isolation and returning to work
  • Supporting vulnerable workers
  • Lay off, redundancies and short time working

As a part of our package, you will also receive the following:

  • Extended CJRS full furlough letter – to place an employee on full furlough.
  • Extended CJRS flexible furlough letter – to place an employee on flexible furlough.
  • Extended CJRS furlough update letter – to inform an employee who is currently on full or flexible furlough about how the continuation of the Extended CJRS to 30 September 2021 will affect their own furlough arrangements
  • Return from full furlough under the Extended CJRS letter – to recall an employee on full furlough to return to their normal working hours.
  • Return from flexible furlough under the Extended CJRS letter – to recall an employee on flexible furlough to return to their normal working hours.
  • Work Authorisation letter – to provide to employees who cannot work from home and are required to attend the workplace during the current lockdown in England, in case they are stopped by the police when travelling to or from work. 
  • Covid-19 HR checklist – outlining key areas of compliance and workforce planning. This will help you to identify which human resources and legal issues are of most relevance to your business and to brainstorm steps you could take to maximise the efficiency of your HR operations moving forward. 

For £250 per month you can access the largest team of Employment Lawyers for up-do-date advice and guidance for your business.

To sign up for our 1 month subscription call 0808 168 5874



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