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It’s unlikely that any business in the UK has ever had to navigate the complex HR and employment law challenges we are all now facing as a result of the coronavirus crisis. 

Now, more than ever before, you need to take fast action, make the right decisions and be an authority within your business; adapting your workforce and your workplace to meet the rapidly changing environment.

When you need clarity, giving you the confidence to work with government programmes and schemes which didn’t exist mere months ago, our trusted experts are on hand to help you make the important decisions. Decisions that deliver the right outcomes for your business and your workforce.

Our experienced legal team is here for you

For more than 120 years Make UK has helped tens of thousands of organisations survive the best and worst of times. 
Our central legal team, informed by our close relationships with government and regulatory bodies, is focussed on interpreting legislation for our customers - providing fast access to pragmatic advice, the most current business tools, templates and guidance. Backed by our army of keyworkers – our experienced advisers working with you to save jobs and keep your business in the black.
Make UK will provide clear direction, enabling you to take fast action and make knowledgeable choices.
You just can't match the breadth of service that is available from Make UK.
Brian Cutts Managing Director, LEONI Temco

Guiding you through the coronavirus crisis

In these testing times, Make UK is proud to have already helped thousands of manufacturing businesses with:
  • 120,000 furlough letters provided
  • 6,000 COVID-19 queries solved
  • 600 COVID-19 related redundancy queries solved
  • Frequent government engagements - representing you at the highest level of government.