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Many employers are finding it difficult to fill their vacancies and the hunt for global talent is on the rise. We can help you navigate the immigration rules to help meet your recruitment needs. 

Recruitment is a costly and time-consuming process and although skills and expertise are the foundations of a good candidate, ensuring they are the right fit for your organisation is critical. Does your candidate’s personality and attitude fit with the company and its employees? Are you confident your interview process really allows you to make the right choice? Make UK can support you in undertaking a thorough interview process in the following ways:

  • Interview techniques training
  • Developing your job description and interview process and questions
  • Personality profiling and psychometric testing

The right to work in the UK

All employers in the UK have a responsibility to prevent illegal working. You do this by conducting simple right to work checks before you employ someone, to make sure the individual is not disqualified from carrying out the work in question by reason of their immigration status. 

If you would like further support with how to carry out right to work checks, why you need to do them, and which documents you can use, join our webinar - Right to work. As the Home Office continues towards the digitalisation of the right to work process, the webinar will also cover the new provisions on the use of Identity Service Providers and digital identity verification.

If you would like to buy our interactive Right to Work Matrix, click here - Right to Work Matrix.

If you have questions on what to do and where to start, call us direct on 0808 158 5874 to speak to our experts, or email [email protected].

EU citizens and other overseas nationals in the UK

EU citizens and other overseas nationals who wish to live and work in the UK will in most cases need to be sponsored by their employers to work in the UK. Contact us for further information regarding sponsorship.

EU business travel

The ability for UK business visitors to travel to the EU on work-related matters has changed and business travel between the EU and the UK will no longer be as easy as it once was. The rules are complex and enforcement measures could mean your employees are turned away at the border along with fines and court proceedings. Further details about the post Brexit EU travel rules are set out on our EU hub page - People & Services.