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International Employment Support

From July 2020, there will be changes to existing rules and regulations on travelling to the EU for work.                  

The new rules, with stricter compliance measures, will affect everyone who travels for work, including short business trips or those staying to work for a longer period of time.

These changes will undoubtedly be yet a further a challenge for HR professionals and business owners who will, in future, require employees to travel for work.

How Can We Help?

Our International Immigration and Employment experts have extensive knowledge and expertise in this area and can help you get to grips with the changes and comply with the new regulations.

Advice and support – Over the telephone on all matters affecting business visitors and workers posted to the EU including specific queries on EU migration rules, future immigration and skilled workers, Member State requirements for advance notification, the rules regarding professional qualifications and employment obligations such as social security and income tax

Knowledge and information - Through online webinars and our EU guide, allowing you to interact with our experts, get answers to specific questions you have, and receive guidance on the new rules and how you will need to adapt to the changes ahead for future EU business travel.

Effective bespoke solutions – Tailored to your specific business needs. We will help you to determine what information you need, and ensure you have the right documentation and requirements for either those who are travelling for short business trips, or those who are staying for long periods of time. Our support will cover; 

  • Documentation and guidance on Individual Member State requirements 
  • Rules on professional qualifications and accessing skilled workers
  • Support to ensure you understand your employment obligations such as social security, income tax and advanced notification requirements

30 minute free consultation with our Immigration and Employment experts.

Call us today on 0808 168 5874 to arrange a free 30 minute phone call for advice, help and support on future international travel and how to comply.