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Outplacement Support

Providing outplacement support to your employees facing redundancy plays an important role in demonstrating the value the organisation has for its employees. Supporting those facing redundancy to identify their skills, market themselves and search for a role that meets their needs demonstrates your commitment to being a responsible employer.

During the Coronavirus pandemic redundancy programmes are going deeper into the workforce than many have ever seen and at a time when there is already a lot of fear and anxiety, providing outplacement support now can have a big impact on easing the process of finding new employment.


Our team of HR consultants have been delivering outplacement support for over a decade and have developed a suite of options that include low-cost self-help tools alongside our consultancy led support to enable more employers to provide this important service.
  • Outplacement workshops - This highly practical workshop equips people with the skills needed to maximise their chances of securing the right next move, through self-marketing skills, CV tips and interview preparation. Find out more
  • One-to-one support - Personal coaching and support from one of our professional consultants, encompassing all elements contained in the workshop, to facilitate and support the decision making process from finding the dream job through to getting the offer and negotiating remuneration packages. Call 0808 168 5874 to find out more
  • Psychometric assessments - Help those facing redundancy identify their strengths and weaknesses and prepare for competency based questioning. Our online personality assessments using Fifteen Factor Questionnaire + (15FQ+) and Jung Type Indicator (JTI) with face to face or virtual feedback from an occupational ability and personality accredited consultant. Call 0808 168 5874 to find out more
  • Job search toolkit - Our comprehensive Job Search Toolkit is designed for organisations that are unable to fund a programme of outplacement support. It provides a low-cost route to supporting those in your organisation facing redundancy to be in the best position to quickly attain new employment. Find out more & buy online here
  • CV review - Our consultants will review the CV’s of those facing redundancy and provide constructive feedback and advice via email on a level with what we would provide in a face-to-face session.  There is also the optional extra of a phone call for those clients who want to add more of a personal touch to the support they are providing to their employees. Call 0808 168 5874 to find out more


Outplacement Training