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Siemens Plc

Delivering a framework to realise decarbonisation goals with clear leadership direction backed up with data driven decision making.

Applying the collective expertise of Siemens and the practical implementation of technologies, we are delivering on our commitments as cost effectively as possible, with a proven methodology that is transferable within Siemens and to our customers. Siemens plc is a leading sustainable technology company working in the fields of smart infrastructure, e-mobility, automation and digitalisation. Since 2015 Siemens has had a global target to halve its emissions by 2020 and become carbon neutral in its own operations by 2030. Siemens plc is currently on track to achieve 78% reduction in our scope 1 and 2 carbon emissions by 2030. Siemens has cemented this commitment to climate action by signing up to the Climate Pledge, setting 1.5oC aligned science-based targets (SBTi) and joining EV100, RE100 and EP100.

Our UK NetZero programme sets an ambitious carbon reduction framework. UK NetZero involves Siemens UK businesses who are aiming to be front runners in climate action. Together, we have established a strategic programme centered around ongoing collaboration to deliver on decarbonisation in Scopes 1, 2 & 3. We brought together our stakeholders and experts to develop a set of realistic actions to minimise our emissions and those in our value stream. Creating tangible roadmaps to carbon neutrality in our own operations, minimising as much as possible the need for offsetting in the future. 

Using the expertise in our company to resolve key challenges and navigate financial and infrastructure hurdles, we’ve worked collaboratively across departments and functions to achieve our carbon reduction objectives. By driving data transparency and multi-stakeholder engagement our programme has been established delivering practical decarbonisation measures. 
The focus now shifts to business travel. We are targeting a full electric vehicle (EV) fleet by the late 2020’s, cutting our fleet emissions by over 90% by charging on renewable electricity wherever possible. Electric vehicles are now available to all UK company car drivers, and we have pilot schemes for EV vans for our commercial fleet. From 2026 onwards EVs will be the only option for new vehicle choices for our drivers. Upgrading our charging infrastructure using our Internal Carbon Pricing fund allows us to roll out Siemens VersiCharge EV chargers to all our sites in the next 5 years to support the transition.
The UK NetZero programme has brought together specialists from across the company (including Real Estate, Finance, Supply Chain and our customer facing teams), to create a diverse pool of thinking and a collaborative learning environment to explore the challenges we faced. Backed up by decisive decision making from senior leadership, we were able to move rapidly from strategy to implementation. We have maintained a continuous dialogue with our leadership and stakeholders throughout to allow for continuous improvement of the programme. The first 6-week agile project and subsequent sprints undertaken every six months provide a focused way to work that can be replicated in other organisations to effectively focus time and resource on delivering climate action.