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Advanced Electronics

Electronic devices and systems integrated in all aspects of daily life and are often overlooked or are simply taken for granted.  

Within industry the use of electronic devices and systems is so widespread that an in depth understanding of electronic devices and associated systems is essential for anyone involved with the maintenance and design of any monitoring system or electrical or mechanical control system.

This 5-day course at our Technology Hub in Aston, Birmingham gives delegates a much more in depth understanding of digital components and systems, some component programming as well as electronic circuit construction skills and the use of test equipment.

Course content

During the course, candidates will cover the following:

  • Introduction to principles of digital electronics
  • Identifying the different digital components and their symbols
  • Understand digital circuit diagrams
  • Understand combinational and sequential circuits
  • Latches and flip-flops
  • Prototype circuits on breadboard
  • Program EEPROMs to integrate with seven segment display
  • Design and build circuits on strip board
  • Understand how to use the different test equipment
  • Build various types of digital electronic circuits


A basic electronic components and systems knowledge is required with reasonably good mathematical skills for the calculations.


Whilst there is no formal assessment on this course, delegates will need to demonstrate a sound working knowledge and understanding of the electronic components, how they function and how they integrate together to form an electronic systems and that they can work safely.

On successful completion of the course, delegates will receive a certificate of attendance.  Performance feedback can be provided to the customer if required.

More details

Career progression:

The course is quite intensive over the five days and is designed to develop and enhance the delegates’ basic understanding of electronic components and how they are used to develop electronic systems.  

It is delivered through a combination of classroom lessons and practical exercises utilising the different equipment used in the testing of electronic systems.  It also includes the implementation of design techniques in the development of digital circuits.

This Advanced Electronics training is ideal for:

  • Delegates who are involved in building and maintaining electronic systems 
  • Electrical and maintenance engineers required to improve their electronic knowledge
  • Designing and development of digital circuits (combinational and sequential)

Why Choose Make UK to Study?

Make UK Environmental, Health & Safety team are dedicated to improving EHS knowledge and performance in individuals and companies across the UK. Our trainers are professional consultants with industry recognized qualifications and practical experience.

For your convenience, costs quoted are inclusive of tuition, course materials, assessment, and certificate, which is awarded for successful completion of the qualification.


Member pricing breakdown

*Member price = £848+ VAT - Member discount applies to Make UK Members, and subscribers to our EHS or HR & Legal support packages (discount applied upon booking)