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Changing Terms of Employment - E-Learning

This e-learning course focuses on how to make changes to terms of employment, particularly where the change is likely to be problematic. It outlines different methods of making changes, the pros and cons of these methods as well as the legal risks involved. The course is suitable for HR who may need to change employees’ terms and conditions or any other consultant or professional who is involved in a change management process which is likely to involve changing terms of employment.

Course dates

Start date

Course content

  • Meaning of different types of terms of employment: express, implied and incorporated
  • Different sources of terms of employment
  • Contractual and non-contractual terms of employment
  • What is meant by ‘flexibility’ clauses and their limitations
  • Procedure for making changes to contractual terms and conditions
  • Changing terms by reaching agreement
  • Dismissal and re-engagement
  • Collective consultation and changing terms of employment
  • Unilateral imposition of new terms of employment
  • Pros and cons of different methods of changing terms and conditions
  • Legal risks associated with changing contractual terms of employment 

Career progression

By completing this course delegates will:

  • Recognise the main sources of terms of employment
  • Be able to identify express, implied and incorporated terms of employment
  • Understand the distinction between contractual and non-contractual terms of employment and how this affects the ability to make changes
  • Recognise different types of flexibility clauses and be aware of their limitations 
  • Gain an overview of the procedure involved in the three main methods of changing terms of employment: by agreement, dismissal and re-engagement and unilateral imposition
  • Recognise when the rules on statutory collective consultation may be triggered by changing terms of employment
  • Be able to evaluate the pros and cons of the different methods of making changes to terms of employment 
  • Be aware of the legal risks associated with the different methods of changing terms of employment 


There are no pre-requisites for this course


By assessment questions at the end of the course whereby delegates are required to answer 10 questions and will be advised of the results along with ‘areas for revision’ as necessary.


This course can be undertaken by any employee at any time – all that is needed is computer and internet access.

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For your convenience, costs quoted are inclusive of tuition, course materials, assessment, and certificate, which is awarded for successful completion of the qualification.


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