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Employee Rep Training - TUPE

This course is aimed at experienced employee representatives, although it is also suitable for novice reps. Enable your reps to consult their colleagues effectively and efficiently during TUPE transfer situations, and to discuss differing perspectives with your managers, without unhelpfully heated arguments ’

Course content 

  • Role, rights and responsibilities
  • TUPE: The law and process
  • Communication
  • Consultation
  • Healthy airing of disagreement: Consultation meetings
  • Healthy airing of disagreement: Empathy
  • Healthy airing of disagreement: Toolkit     
  • Resilience

By completing this course, delegates will be able to develop:

 Understanding the extent of your role

  • Legal rights and responsibilities, and the law and process of TUPE transfer – Look at this training from time to time, to refresh your memory

Communication skills:

  • Listening effectively to the views of both managers and all the people you represent
  • Sending outward messages about:
    • the views of both managers and the people you represent
    • your role, and achievements to date - Emphasise your role is to INFLUENCE
    • realistic expectations
  • Working effectively as a group with your fellow reps, and provide consistent feedback at/after meetings

Consultation skills: 

  • Expressing the range of views held, offering options, and upholding management’s right to make decisions

Facilitation skills:

  • Making it easier for managers and employees to air and resolve their disagreements in a healthy way

Empathy and assertiveness in difficult conversations:

  • Speaking and responding appropriately to emotional people, and evaluating their views calmly and objectively


  • Maintaining the energy and drive to keep prioritising these tasks and having a positive impact