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First Line Maintenance training

Many of today’s industrial manufacturing and production line systems are complex and rely heavily on a wide variety of electrical, electronic and mechanical systems to operate.  

To help maintain overall efficiency and following through from the Total Productive Maintenance principles, it is essential that these machines are kept operating effectively.  Having operating staff who are able to carry out some simple checks and maintenance procedures autonomously will help achieve this effective production.  

Course content

The course runs over 3 days and covers some underpinning theory. The practical elements focus on the development of basic maintenance skills and tool usage as well as best practices.

The course also introduces the delegates to basic fault finding techniques and the health and safety aspects of working with a wide variety of industrial systems. During the course the delegates will broadly cover the following subject areas.

  • Health and safety regulations
  • Safe isolation of equipment
  • Basic understanding of drawings and schematics
  • Using and interpreting instrument readings
  • Use of hand tools and equipment
  • Wiring and testing electrical circuits
  • Reference and test points


This course is aimed at employees who have little experience of low level maintenance of industrial manufacturing and production line systems and machines and who need to be able to carry out basic checks and maintenance activities as part of their daily routine.  It is also deal for those who simply need to refresh their skill and knowledge in this area. 



Whilst there is no formal assessment on this training course, the delegates will need to demonstrate that they have the underpinning knowledge to carry out simple checks and maintenance tasks and the requisite skills to operate safely at all times.

Delegates will be closely monitored and assessed by EEF's skilled and experienced tutors. On successful completion of the course, delegates will receive a certificate of attendance.

More details

By completing this course, delegates will:

This three-day, practically based introductory course is designed for production or manufacturing operators who are required to undertake routine preventative and basic maintenance activities on modern plant and equipment. This course adopts a common sense approach to enable those with limited technical knowledge to plan, complete and record first line maintenance activities.

Delegates will acquire the skills and confidence needed to check, monitor and record the condition of process or production equipment. By the end of this course the delegates will have developed a good working knowledge of the safe maintenance and effect simple repairs of industrial manufacturing and production line systems and machines.

  • Understand the methods of checking, monitoring and recording the condition of process or production equipment
  • Acquire the confidence to undertake preventive and routine maintenance activities in a safe and competent manner