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ILM level 2 award in leadership and team skills

This three-day programme is designed to equip aspiring or newly appointed Team Leaders with the necessary knowledge, skills and behaviours to be effective in their roles and to lead, organise and motivate a team. These qualifications are designed to help boost performance as a team member and help new or aspiring team leaders to make the transition from working in a team to leading a team. If they are a practising team leader, it will help increase their effectiveness and confidence.

The course is accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) and focuses on communication and team skills, performance and motivation. The training is practical, participative, fun and linked back to the workplace to enable delegates to put their learning into practice.

  • Course content
  • The programme covers three main topics: 

    Developing yourself as a Team Leader

     This will help delegates to understand the role of a new team leader and the responsibilities and functions that entails.

    Delegates will;

    • Understand their role as a new team leader including functions and responsibilities; and the limits of their authority and accountability.
    • Learn how to seek, accept and respond positively to feedback on personal performance to improve their workplace performance.
    • Be able to seek feedback on their workplace performance to identify strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement.
    • Gather feedback on their own performance from different sources and Interpret the feedback and areas for improvement
    • Be able to prepare an action plan to address weaknesses and improve performance

    Improve Performance of the Work Team

     This will help delegates develop an understanding of the organisational goals of the team and how to motivate team members to achieve these.

    Delegates will

    • Understand the organisation’s requirements in relation to team performance
    • Be able to establish what the organisation expects from their team that meets their productivity performance levels and for them to determine how this can be achieved by providing clear (SMART) objectives for the team to achieve.
    • Understand how to address underperformance identifying actions that could be taken to rectify this underachievement.
    • Understand the role of motivation in improving performance and how to do so.

    Workplace Communication

    Delegates will understand why clear and effective communication is essential in the workplace.

    Delegates will;

    • Understand the key stages of the communication process; potential barriers to communication and will understand how these can be overcome.
    • Gain an understanding of different methods of communication and their best use when communicating with the team.
    • Understand the importance of having a record of communication and how to keep effective records.
  • Pre-requisites
  • There are no pre-requisites for this course.

  • Assessment
  • Assessed by ILM assignments, written and oral briefing. As this course is formally assessed, there is additional support for delegates when completing assignments in their own time.

  • More details
  • By completing this course, delegates will:

    • Learn core leadership and management skills to undertake their role with increased confidence and competence.
    • Be able to put skills learnt into practice in their workplace
    • Be able to improve the team’s performance and increase productivity
    • Gain knowledge of a range of tools and techniques to aid in leading people; effective communication and motivating team members to improve performance.