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 Display Screen and Workstation Assessment (DSE) - elearning

This online course has been developed to assist organisations in complying with laws surrounding display screen equipment and workstations. In line with The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992, as amended by the Health and Safety Miscellaneous Amendments Regulations 2002, learners will be provided with the knowledge and skills to carry out assessments, identify risk and take any necessary corrective action. 

You can register up to 10 people for elearning when you book online. If you have more than 10 delegates to register, please contact us.

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  • Course content
    • Regulations
    • Assessing Workstation risk
    • The working environment
    • Portable Display Screen Equipment (DSE) – Laptops
    • Workstation checklists

  • Pre-requisites
  • There are no pre-requisites for this course.
  • Assessment
  • Online course, completed at the pace of the learner.

  • More details
  • By completing this course, delegates will: 

    • Know and understand the risks from Digital Screen Equipment (DSE) work.
    • Understand the importance of good posture and changing position.
    • Know how to adjust furniture to help avoid risks.
    • Be able to organise the workplace to avoid awkward or frequent stretching.
    • Understand how to avoid reflections and glare on or around the screen.
    • Know how to adjust and clean screens and mouse equipment.
    • Be able to organise work for activity changes or breaks if necessary.
    • Be comfortable with completing individual self-assessments.
    • Have the opportunity to download a certificate, stating completion.

    Terms and conditions: 

    Read the elearning Terms and conditions here.